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A Guide to Instagram and Its Perks

A Guide to Instagram and Its Perks

#1 For Brands

Never before have Brands been able to connect with their consumers on a personal level specially when you go for the best mass DM Instagram services. All this at the cost of nothing. It’s easier for a brand to drive some sales to it’s products by showing off it’s catalog on Instagram than printing out flyers and sending them around the city. Definitely saves them money they would’ve spent on promotional campaigns. Brand exposure has gone into overdrive.

I best explain this with an example. Let’s have a look at a brand called The Fifth Watches.

It’s obviously a brand that sells some really fancy looking watches. The watches are beautifully showcased through it’s Instagram profile. One look at them and you’ll want to get one for yourself immediately.  There’s a catch though. They only operate an online store. Also,this store is open to customers only on the 5th of every month. However absurd this marketing technique may sound it certainly works giving it a form of exclusivity. Now everyone wants to get in on it and grab a watch for themselves,knowing sales only last for a day.

What’s most surprising is,the brand drives most of its sales solely through it’s Instagram page. Every photograph on their Instagram profile is professionally captured,making the watches look all the more fancier.

If you’re a brand and not on Instagram already,you’re totally missing out.

#2. Recognition for individuals

With social media comes popularity.  Best explained with another example and am not gonna look any further than The Naked Soul run by Devesh Baheti.

How difficult is it to own a pair of luxury merchandise? We all love showing off some major brands, subtly or not, but also, most of us worry with the hole it burns in our pockets. However, going with KJ Alphons words, here’s a company that is truly making a difference. @confidentialcoutureofficial has worked hard to become the leading and most trusted source in the market for luxe accessories. They offer the largest selection of pre-owned vintage, rare and limited edition handbags from your most coveted luxury designers at 50-70% lesser prices. They also guarantee 100% AUTHENTICITY, which makes it even more amazing. And, it turns Two, so this calls for a double celebration. Head on to their website, to finally know and own, what was to be a far fetched dream. Happy shopping, y’all. And happy birthday, Team Confidential Couture. .

What started off as an Instagram experiment,now is a medium for brands to connect with and cater to thousands of people from around the world. Devesh has collaborated with top brands like ZARA, Daniel Wellington and Louis Vuitton to name a few.

Back when he started,he was just a regular teenager with a passion for writing and photography and over the years he has learnt to combine them beautifully,hence his popularity.

He often puts his thoughts to words and freely shares them with his followers.

#3. for phone manufacturers

The one thing that brings out the best in your Instagram profile is the quality of your photo uploads. Would you  rather look at a blurry picture or something that looks like it’s been professionally shot with a really expensive camera? The latter obviously.

This NEED for a really good camera on a phone has started a race of sorts among Phone Manufacturers. Everyone needs to have a good camera for that perfect selfie you intend to upload later on Instagram. There’s no denying that the Apple iPhone is the leading contender in the phone-photography(yeah,it’s a whole thing) race,closely followed by Samsung and Nokia Lumias.

So this demand for a phone with a good camera on it drives huge sales towards said products. The mobile market has  exploded for the same reason. The talking point of every smartphone these days is the number of Megapixels it’s attached to. Nothing

like that perfect selfie,is there?

I think you can already see what Instagram is to individuals and brands. We’ll get into more of it later.

However,if you’re someone who’s looking to get into the world of Internet Marketing and learn how you could build your business,make a little recurring passive income or get a little more exposure to your Instagram account,Instagram Marketing Now is the place to be.

Stick around a little longer and I’ll tell you how I’ve personally made over $5,000 in less than 4 months through Instagram.

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